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Storey Arms Residential Visit September 2017

Well done to all the children who took part in the Summer Reading Scheme and received their medals and certificates today.




Latest News 

Our School Council has been elected and have had their first meeting.

They will be planning events for Children in Need, Comic Relief and Anti Bullying week.

Our Members are:

Kai Curtin, Lexi Curtin, Khamari White, Declan Gately,

Awss Alemam, Logan Charles, Hermione Coles, Lyla Davies,

Barney Avoth, Ava Blannin, Scarlett Staple, Csombor Hanzar,

Frayah Hallett, Finley Osborne, Michael Robinson, Nikia Richards,

Habeeb Alebrahim, Maddison Osborne-Foley & Cole F.Smith





Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow
Dysgu Heddiw am Yfory Gwell

Attendance 2017/18

Attendance for week ending 10.11.2017

Reception   90.7%                Year 1/2 AWR  96.1%           

Year 1/2 SW  83.2%            Year 1/2 JT   97.4%

Year 3/4 BM  97.2%             Year 3/4 MC  96.9%

Year 3/4 RA  92.8%             Year 5 PJ   95.2%

Year 6 CG   84.9%               Class 10  91.4%          

Whole school for week ending: 10/11/17  92.5

The total attendance for 2016/17 was 94.1%              Our target  for 2017/18 is 95.1%