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Summer Reading Challenge 'Mythical Maze'

Congratulations to the following children who joined in the Summer Reading at Fairwater Library.

Harvey Owens, Seren Page, Morgan Scanlon, Cara Shackson, Lewis Shackson, Ella Tsitsinakis, Emily Whitburn, Dylan Wibley, Aleysi Williams, Saffi Brangham,Libby Chandrinos, Lucy Chandrinos, Alfie David, Tiah Pritchard, Jake David, Jake Dowson, Eve Dunscombe, Theo Fleri, Sam Hennessy, Kacie Jenkins, Jac Jones, Sophie-Leigh Jones, Ava King and Darcy Owens.

Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow
Dysgu Heddiw am Yfory Gwell 

Attendance 2014/2015

Week ending 24th October, 2014

Mrs. Kane/Mrs Turner's Class 90.9%

Mrs. Hounsom/Mrs. Young's Class 89.4%

Miss Maggs' Class 92.0%

Mrs. Rose's Class 96.5%

Mrs. Patel's Class 96.2%

Mr. Krawiecki's Class 97.8%

Mr. Clements' Class 94.1%

Miss Kingdon's' Class 95.0%

Class 10    91.2%

Weekly percentage attendance whole school 93.7%

Well Done Mr. Krawiecki's Class you win again.



Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Fairwater Primary School. We are delighted 
to be able to share with you all the wonderful things our
school has to offer and hope that our website gives you 
a flavour of life at our school and illustrates our 
commitment to the rounded development of children
socially, emotionally, physically and academically.
We aim to ensure that the school provides the highest standards of education for every
child. We believe that a strong partnership between home and school has a huge impact
on children’s learning and we want you to be fully informed and involved.

Welcome from Chair of Governors

A governor’s role can often be a difficult and very demanding role but also produces its own rewards when we can see the standards of care and evidence of excellent teaching being produced in our school. he experience of such a “happy atmosphere” from both staff and pupils that other governors and I regularly experience

on school visits is always uplifting and really boosts our

enthusiasm to constantly support the teachers in

improving the learning experience and attainment standards

for our pupils. READ FULL WELCOME