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This week Year 6 have been staying at LLangorse Lake in Brecon. They have enjoyed a
number of educational outdoor activities and have all had a great time but they might be a
bit tired!! We will post photos from the week on here as soon as possible.

Madamme Clarisse Ducos and Madame Nathalie Montagnac
have been visiting Year 3 from France this week!
The children have enjoyed learning all about France.

Photos from their visit will be uploaded as soon as possible.







Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow
Dysgu Heddiw am Yfory Gwell

Attendance 2016/17

Attendance for week ending 14.07.2017

Reception  94%   Rec/Year 1  84.4%           

Year 1/2 81.4%          Year 4   96.8%

Year 2  96%         Year 5   87.4%

Year 3   90.3%         Year 6   91.7%

Class 10  90.9%          

Whole school for week ending 30.06.2017~ 90.3%

The total attendance for 2015/16 was 94.7%              Our target  for 2016/17 is 95%