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Homework is Great!!!

Please can completed blue homework books be returned to school every Wednesday. This will allow time for the work to be marked and any issues arising from the homework to be addressed quickly.


Red library books and signed reading record books need to be completed and returned to school every Friday.



  Year 2 B.E.A.R. Club is Back!!!!  

Our reading club will start on Wednesday 9th November at 3.00 pm. Parents and Grandparents can come and share a great reading experience with their child. This is an opportunity for reading strategies and attitudes to reading to be shared and discussed. 


  Reading Strategies Explained  

Red words are the everyday words that the children use. They need to use 'say-spell-say' method, by using each of the letter names within the word.


Green words are the phonetic words. The children need to segment each letter or letters into a sound and then blend together to make a word. 


These words are found on the inside cover of each reading book your child brings home.


Please write a comment in your child's reading record books about the different reading strategies your child is using. This will help to support the progress of your child's reading. 


Our next topic for November & December is...

 Festivals around the world  

What do we already know about different festivals? What can we find out this term? Do not forget to write down your ideas or think about some ideas for Pupil Voice this term.




Dinosaur Madness

(October 2016)

This term we have enjoyed finding out lots of information about dinosaurs! Our trip to the National Museum of Wales was an amazing experience! We have had so much fun...


Dinosaur Measuring

Our challenge was to draw a dinosaur taller or wider than ourselves...I think we succeeded!

Building a museum for Harry's Dinosaurs

Developing our dinosaur cutting skills

Mud Dinosaurs!!!!!!

We made some fantastic dinosaurs using mud. Mrs Brown was very impressed!!!





It's Harvest Time!

This week (12th September) we have been talking about Harvest and the Autumn season! We have been exploring lots of different activities inside and out.

Here are a few pictures we would like to share with you.



We went on a nature walk around the school fields. We collected lots of natural material and put them into our bags. We found lots of conkers still in their cases!!!!

We took the different natural materials back to the classroom and used them to create lots of art and design...

 We invited all our friends and family to our 'Harvest Cafe' but first we needed to make the soup...


We peeled the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Then we put into the big pot to cook!


It's Time to taste the soup!!!!

We all thought it was delicious, mmmmmm!!!


The Harvest Cafe


Our family and friends had a great time. We donated the money we made to Christian Aid. Thank-you everyone.