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Eco Committee 2018-19

After voting we set up the Eco Committee and met each other in October.

We have had a busy few months, we invited governors to join our Eco Committee. In our first meeting we talked about achieving the green flag.  To do this we gain the bronze  , silver and gold flags first.  We talked about how we could do this.  We dida questionnaire for all the classes about the school environment.  We found out that6 everyone thought that there was too much litter. So we have decided to set up some litter monitors and litter picking sessions in the new year.

We are looking forward to continuing to make Fairwater a cleaner school next year.

Jacob, Kyaw, Mya, Owain, Alun, Tomos, Michael, Ioan and Jordan.

Eco Committee 2017-18

Congratulations to the children who have been chosen by their classmates to be their representatives on the school's Eco-Committee this year.  The children had their first meeting today.  The next meeting will be on Thursday 9th November at 12.30 pm. Below are pictures of this year's committee.



You can read the Minutes of our meetings by clicking on the dates below:

Thursday 26th October 2017

Thursday 9th November 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017



On Thursday 23rd November some of the members of the Eco-Committee arrived early at school to visit the main boiler room of the school and the Electricity Room. The boiler room is underground. It contains two boilers for the central heating and one for the water. Mr Podd showed us around and showed us where coal used to be delivered through two hatches in the ceiling. It would have been hard and dirty work to stoke the boilers with coal to keep everyone warm. Mr Podd also showed us the electricity meter and fuses boxes that control all the electricity for the school. The Eco-Committee want everyone to understand how important it is to save energy and use as little gas and electricity as possible.

Below are some of the pictures from the boiler and electricity rooms. In the first picture you can see the hatches where the coal used to come in. In the last picture you can see a bird's nest.!














Eco Committee 2016-17

Congratulations, llongyfarchiadau! to our new Eco-Committee 2016-17, as elected by the children of the school. They are Declan , Indy , Kaci , Charlie , Julian , Erin , Kaylum  and Christopher . They will be working hard with everyone at school to help promote and learn about keeping our school, homes, country and planet clean, sustainable and safe.

The children had their first meeting as a committee on Thursday 10th November where they chose Kaylum to be Chair, Christopher to be Vice-Chair and Charlie, Secretary.

Minutes of all meetings will be published on the Eco-Committee notice board and on this page of the school website. Please read them to see what the Eco-Committee is working on.


Click here: 

Minutes 10th November 2016

Minutes 17th November 2016

Minutes 1st December 2016

Minutes 8th December 2016

Minutes 12th January 2017

Minutes 2nd February 2017

 Big Battery Collection:

Update 28th June

A big thank you from the Eco-Committee to everyone who brought in batteries for the Big Battery Collection Competition, we managed to fill the whole box for the day of the collection. Special thanks to one gentleman who brought in a huge bag on the final morning. The picture above shows some of the Committee with the total collected. 

June 2017 - The Eco-Committee have entered the school into the annual Big Battery Collection Competition. Schools around Cardiff will collect as many batteries for recycling as possible by Wednesday 28th June. Please help by bringing as many as you can to the special Collection Box in the school main entrance.  Thank you. Diolch yn fawr. More details here: Big Battery Collection

Food Waste at School:

Thursday 2nd February 2017: The Eco-Committee met today.  They have obtained a food waste caddy from Cardiff Council for the staff to put their waste food peel and teabags into for composting.  The children explained to the staff why it's important to dispose of food waste sensibly. The children also saw how food waste from the school kitchen is collected in a larger waste bin and is taken away to the Council recycling and waste centre at Lamby Way. The children will collect the food waste form the staffroom at the end of every lunchtime and put it with the kitchen food waste.  The pictures below show the Eco-Committee outside the kitchen and in the staffroom.  


 Kaci our Year 2 Class rep recently spoke to her class about the School Eco Code. Well done Kaci for spreading the word! All of our reps will be sharing their work with their classes and teachers to improve the environment around the school and the world outside.


Really Rubbish Campaign Awards and Event

On Wednesday 23rd November, Kaylum, Christopher and Charlie visited the Cornerstone Art Centre in Cardiff to take part in the Really Rubbish Campaign Eco Awards 2016. They took part in Eco activities related to The Journey of Electricity, The Use of Resources Around the World, How Waste is Managed in Cardiff and Love Food, Hate Waste. The children plan to share what they learnt with the children at school. It's worth visiting the Really Rubbish website to see great ideas for children and teachers to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and RECOVER.


Meeting Thursday 1st December 2017

The Committee had its third meeting today. Christopher was Chair today because Kaylum was absent.





tulations to the children who have been chosen by their classmates to be the school's Eco-Committee for the next year.  The children had their fist meeting today.  The next meeting will be o Thursday 9th November at 12.30 pm.