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Safeguarding at Fairwater

Keeping your child safe is our key priority at Fairwater Primary School.

If your child tells a member of school staff that they have been hurt by another adult, or are going to be hurt, then that member of staff has a duty to report this to the School’s Designated Safeguarding Team. Likewise, if a member of school staff witnesses anything concerning, they are bound by policy to report this incident. 


The Designated Safeguarding Person will sometimes need to share this information with Cardiff Children’s Services for advice and support. You may be informed that this is happening unless Children’s Services advise us otherwise. 

Please understand that when we do this, we are following the Wales Safeguarding Procedures and not making any judgements about families. 


“The needs of the child come first”

Safeguarding Team: Miss Evans, Mr Paynter, Mrs Kane, Mrs Drinkwater-Evans

Additional trained staff: Mrs Heatley, Mrs J Thomas



School Events

 Think before you click! 

We need your help! 

When you attend a school event and we ask you to not share images on social media it really is for a good reason. Not all families want their children’s images to be shared on social media (including WhatsApp) and some families must not have their children’s images on social media. There may be children in this school who might be adopted, living in foster care or fleeing domestic violence and by revealing their identity could put the child at risk of harm. This could result in the child having to move schools. You may not know the child’s background so PLEASE do not share images of anyone else’s child other than your own. 

We must respect that all families are entitled to privacy.