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School Council 18-19

Please see below for latest news.

Welcome to our School Council web page where we will keep you up to date with our news and events!

If you have an idea just pop it on a Post-It note on your class Wish Fish and your School Council members will make it their aim to put it forward at the next meeting!

We have a very proactive School Council who meet regularly with Mrs Heatley and Father Colin to discuss important school issues. Each class has two representatives on the School Council (one boy and one girl) who are elected by their peers in September.

The School Council improves communication between pupils and staff.

They are the voice of the pupils in the running of the school, and take their responsibility very seriously. Their term of office runs for one year, before another two children are elected.

The aims of the School Council are to promote a shared sense of ownership and responsibility for the school and to encourage pupils to take an active role in school life. The School Council improves communication between pupils and staff.

There are lots of positive outcomes to having a School Council, including positive attitudes to learning, improved relationships, raised self-esteem and improved self-confidence.The School Council will meet every other Monday throughout the year and will be involved in projects of their own design. The council members will act as a voice for their classmates and, through their experiences, will learn a great deal about democracy and teamwork.


 Children in Need

The School Council worked very hard to promote and run their fundraising day! which will be held on Friday 16th November 2018. following the day of fun we raised £407.38. which was sent to BBC Children in Need.

Buddy Bench

This term the children have held meetings lunchtime.  They used a questionnaire to find out how the pupils of Fairwater are feeling and what the think we can do to make Fairwater Primary a better place. Some children said they feel lonely lunchtime, the School Council decide a buddy bench would be a great opportunity for children to come and sit and make new friends.


the School Council also met with the Governors at a Wellbeing Committee meeting and shared the results of the questionnaire, the Governors asked questions and were very impressed with the responses from the children.

Chloe, Matthew, Mya, Evan, Kaci, Ashley, Haymun, Cameron, Natasha, Morgan, Zaw, Ellouisa, Declan, Matilda and Ioan.